Friday confessions

This Friday’s confession is brought to you by our garden, and my apparent lack of creativity, as of late…

This isn’t even the whole lot. I processed a basket full two days ago and gave another basket full away to some neighbors.

I’m beginning to resent my tomato plants, they are producing too much, to quickly and I can’t keep up. So, maybe I actually resent my lack of ability to stay on top of all my to dos. Where did the girl go who could keep up with everything? Oh yeah, that’s right, she had two kids, gave up sleeping at night, vowed to live without certain conveniences (ones that might make things faster but were harmful to both her loved ones and the earth) and took on running a homestead.  I am officially out of creative ways to prepare and preserve these pretty little gems. Actually, I lost some because I let them sit too long while I contemplated what to make with them. Not to worry though, the chickens enjoyed them as an afternoon snack the other day. So I guess we will be eating them one way or another. Eggs anyone?

So if you have any suggestions please send them my way. And hurry! Two days from now the amount of tomatoes will have double. Kevin’s, not so helpful, advice was to have a tomato throwing fight. I said that was wasteful. He said “not if we do it near the chicken coop or in the pigs’ pasture.” His reasoning here is, unfortunately, sound. I really don’t want to participate in his plan, so if you would like to save me from this embarrassment, send me your ideas. As added incentive, next week I promise to share a very tasty recipe in return. 😉

Happy Weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday confessions

  1. Man, I would love to have so many tomatoes right now…really want to can up some sauce. I’m eager to also try making some hot sauce and salsa and pizza sauce. Have you thought about drying or roasting them?

  2. Looks like we have similar problems with tomatoes. That’s part of my job on my holidays next week.

    Did you know that you can freeze them whole? When you want to use them later in soups or stews or to make sauce at a later date, you run them under warm water for a moment and the skin slides right off. I do that when I get tired of dealing with them, but don’t want them to go to waste.

  3. Well ladies, I spent the day oven drying the heck out of tomatoes. Fantastic idea, especially because I love “sun-dried” tomatoes, so thank you! I am still drowning in them but at least there has been no waste! Heidi, I definitely like your freezing idea…I’m pretty certain that I will reach that point before too long. Kevin is only a little disappointed that I thwarted his food fight plans, at least for now.

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