December 6th



These are our kids and these are our kids taking holiday photos.

Every year it is the same thing. Since we like to hold true to doing everything for ourselves (we are striving to be self-sustaining homesteaders after all) I have always taken portraits and candid shots of the kids and I usually do it right before the holidays to get both gifts for the family and a photo for the cards we send out. Neither of them has ever been to a professional photography sitting. Because of this fact, it is also quite remarkable that I’m still sane, well relatively. What is it about kids seeing their parents coming toward them with a camera that makes them either turn, running in the opposite direction, or completely forget how to contort their (usually cherub-like) faces into a recognizable smile?

As they, and I, get older I am able to look past the frustration and find the humor. How else could you explain that this photo almost graced the annual holiday card last year?


I think the caption was going to be something like “Wishing you and yours the most silent of nights!” Luckily, right before the cards were sent, I caught them both in a sweet moment, lying on the living floor together…then the earth tilted, all the planets in the cosmos aligned, and they both smiled!

With a win like that who wouldn’t have eternal hope? Heck, I even let them dress themselves for their photo shoot with complete faith that it would all turn out just fine.

It did! But you will have to wait until the new year to see those. 😉

Did or do you have any tricks for taking good photos, especially of your kids?

6 thoughts on “December 6th

  1. Love those photos of your children, so cute, that tutu is to die for!! I have 21 year old twin boys and a 19 year old boy (eeshI still call them boys!), when they were little it was always a challenge but I got some if not the best candid shots ever and those are ones I always go to and they just make me smile 🙂

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