December 7th


My new hobby that fills me with holiday cheer each time I work on it.

I read about these cross stitch patterns on Alicia Paulson’s blog Posie gets cozy. When you have a minute or more (her beautiful blog is a feast for the eyes and will pull you in for a few hours, at least that’s what happens to me) stop over and look around. I obviously love her blog and think all of her crafts and fiber arts are gorgeous, so the second I saw her new project I knew I had to start one. The patterns come from this Etsy shop and are the creation of the owner Jacob de Graaf of Modern Folk Embroidery. I was pleasantly surprised (while writing this post actually) to see on Instagram last night that Amanda Soule, author and creator of the blog SouleMama has also started a project from Modern Folk. She, however, seems to be moving faster on her project than I am on mine. I have been working on the one in the picture above since the middle of last week.

I am in love with every single pattern Modern Folk has up for sale. I had been searching for a modern take on cross stitch or embroidery and this fit the bill. I especially love the old world feel they have. Plus, once I finish the snowflake pincushion sampler (I thought a small project would be a good start) I’m thinking a larger sampler like this one or maybe this one will look great hanging in our dining room, of course the accent color in that room is red, so it is a happy coincidence that should work out well.

I haven’t cross stitched since I was about 7 years old and if I remember correctly my lack of patience, combined with unpolished fine motor skills, caused me to set it aside quite quickly. But now? Now I am in love. It is a great craft to do when taking a break from knitting, while allowing me to sit amongst the family by the fire and work on it, something I can’t always do sitting in front of the sewing machine which is my other none knitting crafting outlet.

I expect this project, and the new ones to come, will continue to find its way into photos here over the next few months. As long as the wood stove is cranking I plan to be cuddled up in my green chair, with a cup of tea beside me, and my cross stitch in my lap.

What are you crafting this holiday season?

I also just realized that a fellow blogger, Jayne over at DaiseyJayne, has her header picture set to a redwork cross stitch sampler. I love how this blogging can bring like minded people together from all over the world. Kindred spirits, of that I am sure! Hop on over to her space for great crafting ideas and beautiful furniture makeovers.

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