December 10th

Our holiday cards are stamped and in the mail heading towards their intended destinations.

I adore the idea of sending love and well wishes, especially at this time of year, to those we don’t get to see often but love just the same and I always get excited when a holiday card finds its way to us. So much of life is now lived on the computer and over email that it makes receiving a letter or note, “the old fashioned way,” even more special.

I came up with the brilliant crazy plan of forgoing the ubiquitous kid holiday card (which, itself, is always a trying and tiring experience) and instead aimed to capture our new, group adventure in a photo. It’s indeed harder to get seven people and five animals all looking at the camera, and the humans smiling nicely, all at the same time. I know, who would have guessed? But thanks to the kind help of lovely neighbors, and some creative editing on my part, a great shot was captured.

With help from my mom we condensed everyone’s address book into one list then addressed, return addressed, signed, stuffed, sealed, stamped and mailed all of our holiday greetings.

Now, with that accomplished, I must attended to the half decorated tree residing in the living room. Happy Monday All. 🙂

3 thoughts on “December 10th

  1. I also enjoy sending out holiday cards. It just makes me feel more connected to folks I don’t normally see during the year. Some tease me for sending out cards, but more often people text or phone when they revived them and it gives a chance to wish them well. Happy Holidays!

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