December 17th

My favorite decorations right now.

I got these after the holidays last year at the thrift store during a, very rare, solo mama afternoon. Now here is the remarkable part, I had been eyeing them at Crate and Barrel the year before but had refused to spend the money on them. Then one day wandering the housewares aisle at Goodwill, there they were. I grabbed them up immediately and here they sat, unlit, until now.

They make the perfect Solstice decoration. Pop a lit candle in them and they glow, celebrating the soon to be returning light, and the snowflakes adorning them appear, celebrating the quickly approaching winter season. The light always returns, banishing the darkest days and that is indeed what we will gather and celebrate Thursday evening and Friday morning.

What is your favorite decoration right now? Is there a special story behind it?

2 thoughts on “December 17th

  1. I absolutely love those – what a beautiful glow. Also (I’m keen on details) I love the wood desk/table below them… looks rustic and natural 🙂 As silly as it is, one of my favorite Christmas decorations is a Santa. He’s about 2 feet tall, holds a glowing candle, and moves slightly to soft classical Christmas music. My mom passed it down to me a few years ago, and I remember endless nights as a child watching the Santa by the glow of the Christmas tree at night. Always brings back good feelings 🙂

    • Thanks. Isn’t it amazing how little things can instantly transport you back in time like that? Yes, the wood in the photo is part of a set of book cases my husband made out of old barn wood that he cleaned, sanded, and coated with polyurethane made from whey (no nasty chemicals.) The reason I haven’t done a post on them yet? The set is yet to be completed. Hopefully he will finish soon after the holidays. 😉

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