December 28th


The view while doing last night’s chores.

Close to two feet of snow fell here a couple of nights ago and yesterday was spent digging us out and then running to get everyone fed, all their waters de-iced and everybody tucked in before dark.

Also, I found the best and cheapest workout around. Carry hay bales and feed buckets through snow up to your knees out to a few different pastures. You will definitely feel the burn the next morning. 😉

12 thoughts on “December 28th

  1. Wow, does that remind me of my days growing up on the farm. You don’t realize how good those “workouts” are until you move to the city and sit on your butt all the time, lol. I miss that kind of physical work that actually had a real, tangible, accomplishment attached to it (rather than just a beep on the elliptical timer or something like that). It felt good. Beautiful picture, by the way!

  2. How beautiful! I can’t even imagine doing that work, when I was in high school I worked for a vet and we used to go on farm calls and I was always impressed with the amount of work that went into running a farm and taking care of all the critters.

  3. We have about the same amount of snow right now. The other night, my boyfriend and I took a walk in the deep snow with the dog. When we got home, I was huffing and puffing! Snow is definitely a wonderful workout.

    • Our dog looked out the door the morning after the snow hit and refused to go any further. He’s a big baby, my husband had to walk him out and shovel him a path. We never got more than a dusting of snow last year when he was a puppy, so apparently a winter weather dog he is not! 😉

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