december 6th- {cold}

Jack Frost stopped to say hello- leaving beautiful, feathery crystals behind.

*Everyday this December I am striving to post a picture-a-day in the hopes of capturing the little moments that may seem ordinary at the time but, when strung together throughout this naturally hectic month, become the extraordinary ones that keep me ground until the new year. If you want to join me go here. I would love to share in your days as well. 

7 thoughts on “december 6th- {cold}

  1. I love this pic!

    Okay, so I was just wondering, would it be okay if I did something like this except I used my own words? It’s fine if you say no, I don’t want to “steal your thunder”, per say! 😉 I was just wondering if it would be alright. 🙂

    • Thanks! A lot of people do photo-a-day prompts, especially this time of year, so I have no thunder for you to steal. 😉 Mine was so those who wanted to join in could link up and we could support one another through all the crazy and so we would have a collection of photos at the end of the month (mostly over on Instagram.) Feel free to do your own thing on your blog. I would appreciate it if you used a different title and different hashtags though. Happy shooting! 🙂

      • Oh, thank you so much! So nice of you 🙂 I don’t even know what a hashtag is, LOL… I’m not tech-worthy as you can tell… I will certainly use a different title though. Not on Instagram either, so I guess “copying” you would be a lost cause even if I tried (not that I will), lol

        Thank you again!

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