december 11th- {nature}


I love being out in nature this time of the year.

That dense, muffled stillness that comes after a substantial snowfall. Trees hanging heavy under the weight. That feeling of deafening quiet all around- yet every step, every crunch beneath your feet is amplified, echoing through you. It’s grounding, solidifying and just what my busy mind needs most this time of year.

I’m here. I hear. And at this moment- it’s all perfect.


*Everyday this December I am striving to post a picture-a-day in the hopes of capturing the little moments that may seem ordinary at the time but, when strung together throughout this naturally hectic month, become the extraordinary ones that keep me ground until the new year. If you want to join me go here. I would love to share in your days as well. 

2 thoughts on “december 11th- {nature}

  1. I love when you say this “I’m here. I hear. And at this moment- it’s all perfect.” Your nature is far different than mine and I love to see it. I love to imagine it. The quiet is the part I have experienced when I visit the snow. It’s such a lovely “sound”

    Love your friend tracie

    Thank you again for your prompts. I forgot to look what today is. I had better do that.

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