december 17th- {fluff}


These girls were the fluffiest thing I could find. 😉

I’m a little late with this one friends. Things got a little wonky (I just love that word) with me the past two days and we have been concentrating on prescription adjustments (yes, again!), numerous talks with the doctor in order to set up an adjusted plan of attack and just generally trying to get me together as we head into the holidays.

Things just don’t seem to be working yet. My antibodies have continued to climb, despite removing the gluten from my diet and now the dose of thyroid medication I am on is no longer controlling my levels. My most recent blood draw, which was last week, showed that my levels were almost as bad as they were before starting any treatment and my antibodies have more than doubled.

So here we are back at square one! I have gone through all the emotions (in record time) the past couple of days and I have made it back to okay let’s regroup and figure out how to kick this thing in the ass! 

I did not make it outside yesterday to take my daily picture so, I am again cheating with this one. However, the sun was shinning brighter today than yesterday. It felt good to stand in the pasture, almost knee-deep in the snow, visiting with old friends and feeling the warmth of nearly the shortest day’s light on my face.

Tomorrows a new day, the sun will shine again, if only for a short time, and then this weekend we will celebrate the beginning of its return. I hope I begin to grow stronger as well, right along with it.


*Everyday this December I am striving to post a picture-a-day in the hopes of capturing the little moments that may seem ordinary at the time but, when strung together throughout this naturally hectic month, become the extraordinary ones that keep me ground until the new year. If you want to join me go here. I would love to share in your days as well. 

10 thoughts on “december 17th- {fluff}

    • Thanks. I feel like this photo project is what is keeping my sane and focused on the good stuff around me right now. Such a blessing. Glad you are enjoying, as well! 🙂

  1. Oh goodness, I had no idea you were having troubles with your health. I do hope it can be figured out soon. How long have you cut out gluten? Just curious. I tried that once hoping for a “cure” however your image is gorgeous and I’m just saying, since you made up this plan, you can go with whatever rules you decide. My blog I began last fall was all about my health and finding a cure, it’s why I began the blog, then I sort of threw my hands up and started to think…it is what it is. so frustrating. Best wishes to you in finding what works.

    • I cut out gluten the day after I was diagnosed in early summer and stayed completely off it until I had my test done again and found my numbers were going up. Then I started seeing a new doctor and have been given at least five different ways of eating to try- on top of numerous prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. I’m fed up because nothing seems to be making a difference. And it all feels like a ridiculous roller coaster ride.

      Now I severely limit gluten in my diet and only eat sourdough bread once in a great while. I’m trying to come up with a new plan but everyone says they have the answer and all the answers are different! Ugh!! :-/

      I to did not realize you were suffering with health issues. I’m always here to listen and support. I’m sure, between your family and friends, you have support in spades- but you can never have to much either. Right? ❤

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