december 27th- {joy}


He is joyful because he was really ready to cut his hair and feel lighter. I think it also brought him a great deal of joy (as it did Kevin and I) to be able to give a gift to someone, a gift that we knew would mean so much!

There were no tears, no regrets. The morning of the 27th he asked if it was now long enough, and knowing that it was, decided today was the day he would cut all that hair, the hair he had been growing since he was two and a half.

He had been defined by his hair for years. Sometimes good, other times not. PJ and his long hair just always seemed to go together. It was almost as if it was a part of his personality, a dry sense of humor, a loud booming voice and blond curly hair- flowing behind him as he ran from one adventure to the next.

Truthfully, I think he was ready to cut it a few months ago but he was a couple of inches short of the donation guidelines so, he hung on a little longer because in his words, “there is some little girl who is going to need it and I’m gonna grow it for her!” I know that’s not the way it works, but he was so sweet and who would ever want to argue with the sentiment? Not me, that’s for sure.

The hair is gone. It’s no longer sun-bleached blond, it doesn’t hang in front of his face as he sits playing with his cars or running after chickens. It was time, he is carefree, no hair to untangle or put up before bed. No, now it will be there for someone else who was dealt an unfair hand; now they will be able to run from one adventure to another with flowing, curly, blond hair trailing behind them.


*Everyday this December I am striving to post a picture-a-day in the hopes of capturing the little moments that may seem ordinary at the time but, when strung together throughout this naturally hectic month, become the extraordinary ones that keep me ground until the new year. If you want to join me go here. I would love to share in your days as well. 

One thought on “december 27th- {joy}

  1. He looks so different! Like a different kid entirely. I remember each of my boys at different times cutting their hair and have to be honest I didn’t take it as well as you. But I adore the fact he donated his locks and I love what he had to say about it. xo

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